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How to End the Deadlock with North Korea
When it believes that the U.S. remains hostile, it continues to bolster its nuclear capability, ...   Christine Ahn (05/28)
Gambari to Meet UN Chief
United Nations would continue to press the military junta to move towards democratization. ...   관리자 (03/23)
Gambari to Meet UN Chief, Brief Security Council
United Nations would continue to press the military junta to move towards democratization. ...   관리자 (03/16)
World leaders call for Myanmar dialogue with opposition
"It's time the regime engages in a genuine dialogue" with the opposition party headed by Aung San Suu Kyi and other groups and ethnic leaders......   관리자 (12/12)
A Night for Democracy in Burma
we are faced with numerous issues ranging from military dictatorship, to the gap between the rich and the poor......   Kim Dae-jung (12/12)
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
Because of its failure to address the issues of a member state, ASEAN has also lost its moral authority to criticize others... ...   관리자 (12/02)
The Geopolitics and Economics of Burma’s Military Regime, 1962-2007
Understanding SPDC Tyranny
the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) military junta ordered a cut in subsidies for gasoline products......   Donald M. Seekins (11/18)
Myanmar Leader Meets With Party
appeared to represent a small but possibly significant step toward reconciliation between the sides......   THOMAS FULLER (11/18)
UN envoy holds out for meeting with Myanmar military leader
The U.N. envoy to Myanmar still has not managed to hold talks with the leader of the country's ruling junta......   관리자 (11/11)
China, India, Russia urge Myanmar to meet opposition
Gambari called on China to use its influence to help persuade the junta to stop its crackdown. ...   관리자 (11/04)

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