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  Nuclear Weapon

WCC President for Asia meets with Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan
관리자 (08/30)
Not War/Not Peace
The Korean Armistice Under a Nuclear Shadow
Before its first nuclear test in 2006, North Korea was the only non-nuclear country in the world to have been consistently threatened by the United States with nuclear weapons. ...   Bruce Cumings (01/04)
Recommendation Calling for Decision and Action for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons
We sincerely call on the government of Japan to take initiatives to achieve an agreement for a total ban on nuclear weapons ...   관리자 (12/28)
Protest against North Korea’s Nuclear Testing
We also urge all parties concerned to make every effort to resolve the problems peacefully through the resumption of the six-party talks for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. ...   관리자 (02/17)
Declaration of the International Meeting
2012 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs
Let us develop campaigns in different countries and regions in demand for the removal of nuclear weapons and for nuclear free zones. ...   관리자 (09/09)
South Korean Women’s Statement on the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit
"We want a nuclear-free peaceful world."
we call the international community to take a more thoughtful approach to North Korean nuclear issues...   관리자 (01/21)
“Nuclear North Korea”
We urge Obama to negotiate with North Korea directly and end the 60 year old war against her by signing the Peace Treaty....   관리자 (04/19)
Mobilizing Call of the NPT Review 2010 International Planning Group
for Nuclear Abolition, Peace and Justice
Today our world is facing crises on an unprecedented scale – global warming, poverty, war, hunger, and disease....   Joseph Gerson (01/13)
Disarm Now!
Mobilizing Call of the NPT Review 2010
We urge all those who share this vision to join us in mobilising for the international p eace conference in New York on May 1 st and the International Day of Action for a Nuclear Free World, in New York...   관리자 (12/30)
North Korea - The U.S. and Russia
Specifically concerning nuclear weapons, what North Korea now does is not as serious as what India, Pakistan and Israel have done....   Gunnar Westberg (04/22)

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