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One Korea Unification Vision through Neutralization
This paper attempts to evaluate conflicting unification formulae of the two Koreas and to propose one Korea unification formula through neutralization as an alternative to the two Koreas’ existing formulae....   Tae-Hwan Kwak (03/21)
The Ghosts of McCarthyism in the Haunted “Blue House”
The Ghosts of McCarthyism in the Haunted “Blue House”
The Ghosts of McCarthyism in S. Korean version began to manifest in the form of witch hunt in 2014 and resulted in the variety of deportation/prosecution/detention against the progressive lefties......   Dale Han (01/25)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang ; Postscript
Chinese would hold the Northerners tight on their bosom as comrades and partisans......   Dale Han (05/18)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang ; Conclusion
the only way a country like North Korea or Iran can protect itself from US attack, other than full-scale obeisance, is to acquire nuclear weapons....   Dale Han (05/11)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang (2); Day Eight
I’m as stubborn as the garbage bag that time cannot decay...
Isn’t it bizarre to hear a rationale that the Occupied pays their Occupier billions of dollars for the costs of the Occupation with their blood money? ...   Dale Han (05/04)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang (2); Day Seven
US determine this time not to engage in peaceful negotiation but to bring about their ultimate objective of another “regime change” operation... ...   Dale Han (04/29)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang (2); Day Six
De-Militarized Zone and Pueblo Spy Ship
The North Koreans appear to be enjoying immensely to show off their prized catch in 1968, the Pueblo Spy Ship......   Dale Han (04/20)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang (2); Day Five
a synchronized performance of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dances that 100,000s of youngsters honor and praise the image of their Great Leaders......   관리자 (04/13)
"Crisis in the Korean Peninsula"
The other side of the story
The U.S. must treat North Korea as an entity that deserves respect and equal partnership, accept the country as a peaceful partner in the affairs of mutual concern. ...   Moon J. Pak (04/06)
A Dispatch from Pyongyang(2); Day Four
The Potemkin Villages
let’s go to the May Day Stadium where the monumentally choreographed mass gymnastics display proudly... ...   Dale Han (04/06)

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