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  Six Pary Talks

Support Hiroshima/Nagasaki Protocol for 2020 nuclear ban is growing
Please find the initial list of Cities signing up their support for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Protocol on our website...   관리자 (08/02)
Six-party talks focus on verification and monitoring
System for monitoring N. Korea’s nuclear activities in the future to be established
...agreed on a framework for establishing the verification system and plan to start the verification process before August 11......   관리자 (07/14)
Voluntary Export Restraint rule was rejected by U.S. ambassador last month
S. Korean gov’t did not reveal that recent VER proposal was second try at getting it accepted
The GNP lawmaker criticized the government for handling the issue poorly......   (06/08)
Hidden Asia Pacific Arms Race
Six Countries Talk Peace While Preparing for War
The arms race in Northeast Asia and the Asia Pacific threatens to overwhelm all talk of peace in the region. ...   John Feffer (04/08)
North Korea and the Birth Pangs of a New Northeast Asian Order
As peace begins to seem possible on the Korean peninsula, the Beijing parties head toward a multi-polar and post-US hegemonic order in Northeast Asia,...   Gavan McCormack (11/04)
On the Status of the Six Party Talks
'It's never been an easy sell in Washington,' says Chris Hill
By Dec. 31, 2007, Hill said North Korea agreed to disable its Nyongbyon nuclear facilities....   Ronda Hauben (10/14)
On the Status of the Six Party Talks
'It's never been an easy sell in Washington,' says Chris Hill
He said that "from our point of view any time we can work with a country to get them off the list, that's what we want to do."...   Ronda Hauben (10/07)
The Six-Party Talks: Cloudy or Clear?
The results of the upcoming six-party talks have become hard to predict
The outcomes of the six-party talks will be critical to the inter-Korean summit meeting,...   Lee Byong-chul (10/01)
The Road to Peace in Northeast Asia – Prospects and Pitfalls
China’s role as the host of the talks gives it a central position as a conciliator and facilitator....   Tim Beal (08/22)
What Hill's Surprise Visit to N. Korea Has Left
A U.S. version of the 'Sunshine Policy'?
Hill's visit to Pyongyang has galvanized Seoul into a momentum of resuming an economic assistance to the North....   Lee Byong-chul (07/08)

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