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Asia Erupts in East-West Confrontation
A Small Town Caught in the Cross-fire of the Korean War
the town was very much a symbol of Korea's division. A few kilometers to the north, I could see North Korean mountains. ...   Nakano Akira (03/16)
'38th Parallel' Operates in a Void
'Life in the zone is a very full empty moment'
"38th Parallel," is now a key "exhibit" in a major art exhibition in the prestigious Millennium Galleries in Sheffield,...   Peter Hinchliffe (03/09)
President-elect Lee to keep Gaeseung and Mt. Geumgang projects going
Denuclearization to be accomplished via closer ties with Washington and Tokyo
Lee said, “My goal is to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”...   관리자 (02/05)
Inter-Korean military talks focus on train service
N. Korea wants an increase in freight shipments, two Koreas to meet for more talks later this month
the operation of freight trains on the Munsan-Bongdong line be reduced unless there are improvements......   관리자 (01/27)
Dividing crabs or removing NLL
The NLL is being disputed in S.Korea.
What the both President should talk about to control the military risk? Can they divide the crabs into the South and North too? ...   Suh Jung-Hwan (09/13)
Dorasan: Last South Korean Railway Station
First station to North Korea
Dorasan is a symbol of the pain and suffering normal people go through when a country faces the tragedy of partition....   관리자 (08/22)
Korean trains (and money) on the move
trains crossed the heavily armed inter-Korean border on Thursday in a highly symbolic move toward renewed reconciliation......   관리자 (05/20)
"Hotline will be established between N. and S. Korea"
Lee Jae Jung said that the 'Hotline' between North and South Korea will be established for heading off the collision......   Kim Young-Lee (11/19)
The geography of the Korean psyche
Dragon Moor is within the Mintongseon, or the Civilian Control Zone of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. ...   James Card (06/09)
The Geopolitics of the North Korea-South Korea Rail Link
Russian analyst Georgy Bulychev examines the geopolitics of the project and its importance for North-South and regional accommodation and cooperation. ...   Georgy Bulychev (06/03)

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