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S. Korea-US joint exercise to be held July 25-28
S. Korea-US joint exercise to be held July 25-28
China, North Korea’s most important ally, was reportedly the main force behind the watering down of the Security Council resolution. ...   Sung-Hee Choi (07/21)
Okinawan Bases, the United States and Environmental Destruction
Okinawa has no real manufacturing industries, so the greatest source of pollution is the US bases, yet Japanese pollution regulations do not cover the US military....   Sakurai Kunitoshi (12/29)
U.S military bases in Okinawa
Washington is planning further upgrading of bases, steps that could facilitate illegal wars on a global scale. ...   관리자 (09/11)
threat of a U.S./Israeli attack against Iran is growing
As the threats of an attack on Iran grow, the opposition is mobilizing across the U.S. and worldwide....   관리자 (08/02)
S. Korea works out new USFK cost-sharing proposal
New plan would involve more non-cash payments to support USFK presence
a proposal for sharing the cost of stationing U.S. troops here by drastically increasing its contribution of needed goods, instead of money....   관리자 (05/13)
The Disposable ROK-US Alliance
Washington has reportedly demanded Seoul increase its financial contribution to USFK
Presidents Lee and Bush alike failed to prove that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il was a real loser in the nuclear negotiations....   Lee Byong-chul (04/27)
The 'Rape' of Okinawa
The accused marine has now been released because the girl has refused to press charges ...   Chalmers Johnson (03/16)
Gyokusai or “Shattering like a Jewel”: Reflection on the Pacific War
This brings us to the Battle of Okinawa, the biggest gyokusai as far as the military clashes to which the term is applied are concerned. ...   Hiroaki Sato (03/09)
Seoul wants U.S. troops to remain in Korea after Korean peace treaty
The talks to replace the Korean armistice with a peace regime have yet to start......   관리자 (10/28)
Deployment of B-2 Spirit bombers raises stakes in Northeast Asia
Increased combat air power to serve as deterrent to potential regional foes
Guam is poised as the best alternative after the relocation of U.S. troops to Japan....   관리자 (10/14)

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