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Tomorrow is UN Day...
Tomorrow is also the birthday of one of the leading peace scholars of our time, Johan Galtung ...   Jan Oberg (10/26)
TPU calls for peace study registration
TPU offers a valuable collection of courses having internationally renowned professionals as resource persons....   TPU (09/11)
War and peace journalism
there is an info on how you can train yourself in war and peace journalism and conflict studies with him and TFF Associate Annabel McGoldrick....   TFF (06/16)
Tha three applications of nonviolent action
Third Party Nonviolent Intervention is the physical intervention of a third party into the arena of the conflict......   George Lakey (05/01)
International Winter Peacebuilding Academy
These five-day intensive training courses can be taken individually or together. ...   PATRIR (11/04)
Transforming Power
AVP(Alternatives to Violence Project) Values
On the last stretch of our path we can see the wide field of Alternatives to Violence....   Ute Caspers (05/11)
Teaching Peace
Peace has never been more important than in our nuclear-armed world. We have a responsibility to study peace, live peace and teach peace....   David Krieger (01/28)
Conflict Transformation Summer Institute
multicultural learning laboratory in which the skills and techniques learned can be immediate applied....   PATRIR (01/27)
The World System
A Life Cycle Discourse
Will the US elites be able to respond to the double challenge of insanity and retirement ? ...   Johan Galtung (01/27)
A mini theory of peace
Peace is not a property of one party alone, but a property of the relation between parties....   Johan Galtung (01/15)

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