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Presidential apology falls short
A proposal for "voluntary restraints" by US exporters does not seem to have been received with enthusiasm by Schwab....   Donald Kirk (06/29)
South Korea strikes, protests besiege regime
This huge movement is the biggest challenge to date to U.S.-imposed trade agreements...   Sara Flounders (06/22)
Beef Imports to Korea: An Open Letter to President Bush
Korean middle school student Chae-song Kim asks that the trade agreement be reconsidered
I want to ask you: Wouldn't this agreement be beneficial to the US only in the short term? " ...   Chae-song Kim (06/16)
Washington fiddles while Seoul burns
responsibility for dealing with this crisis rests with the South Korean government and people. But the Bush administration can and should help....   Joseph A B Winder (06/16)
South Korean Gov't Mishandled Beef Deal
Korean netizens continue candlelight vigils
The US has a very lax system of inspection for mad cow disease, also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)....   Ronda Hauben (06/08)
Civic group calls on gov’t to restart U.S. beef announcement procedure
U.S. beef agreement articles violate S. Korean law, Lawyers for a Democratic Society says
The lawyers said that the government has abandoned the authority granted to the ministry under South Korean law. ...   관리자 (05/25)
Gov’t to investigate mistake in U.S. beef import agreement
Grand National Party says the mistake could lead resumption of beef imports to be postponed
they made a mistake by not raising the issue of animal feed rules in its negotiations of an agreement to resume U.S. beef imports....   관리자 (05/13)
Lee and US Beef: The Road Less Traveled
Why people are worried about the president's poor leadership
The decision to import US beef on a large scale regardless of the age of the cattle already became a strongly populist policy of polarizing the nation....   Lee Byong-chul (05/13)
Bush and Lee talk T-bones and bombs
South Korea now will accept boned US beef - ribs and T-bones - as long as the cattle are less than 30 months old. ...   Donald Kirk (05/04)
U.S. beef agreement divides political arena
Displeasure with decision to allow beef imports cuts across party lines
“President Lee Myung-bak gave up (the government’s) right to protect the people’s health and implement the quarantine process for political purposes."...   관리자 (05/04)

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