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글씨크기 크게 글씨크기 작게 기사 메일전송 기사 출력
On North Korea’s Planned Rocket Launch

Gensuikyo (2012/04/13 21:26)  

North Korea’s planned rocket launch to be scheduled on April 12-16 has increased grave concern among the public in Japan and other Asian countries. Because it has repeated missile launches and nuclear tests since 2006; and in 2009, the UN Security Council unanimously prohibited North Korea from conducting nuclear tests and ballistic missile activity.

As an organization opposing the use and threat to use nuclear weapons and working for a total ban on nuclear weapons, we strongly urge North Korea to stop the rocket launch. In addition, North Korea should halt all planned development of nuclear weapons and missiles.

On the other hand, since North Korea announced the launch plan, the Japanese government has spent its time in preparing for military response to it by the deployment of SM3 and PAC3 interceptors and the Defense Minister even authorized to "shoot it down". This attitude may invite more dangerous situation. The Japanese government should do every possible effort to resolve this issue peacefully through diplomacy, based on the Constitutional principle of peaceful resolution of international disputes and as the party concerned.

Underlying this problem, there is a vicious circle of repeating nuclear and military threats since the era of cold war. Our organization urges all the governments concerned to break this vicious circle and make effort to resolve this problem by joining the global current seeking for a nuclear weapon-free world.
April 12, 2012
Japan Council against A & H Bombs (GENSUIKYO)
2-4-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8464 JAPAN
phone: +81-3-5842-6034
fax: +81-3-5842-6033
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We Protest against Forcible Enactment of War Laws and Demand Their Abrogation

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