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☞ Issue 234
글씨크기 크게 글씨크기 작게 기사 메일전송 기사 출력
Demanding the Decommission of Life-Expired Nuclear Power Plants

관리자 (2014/07/17 17:05)  

World YMCA Resolution on
Demanding the Decommission of Life-Expired Nuclear Power Plants:
Gori Unit 1 & Wolsung Unit 1 in South Korea

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster was another wakeup call to the world after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters, which revealed the danger of nuclear power plants. Moreover, it was God’s summon to humanity urging to shift away from our deeply human-centered ways of life to a symbiotic life with the whole creation. We believe that the sufferings of Fukushima and its ongoing pain raise an alarm to us and that such tragedy must never be allowed to recur. To this end, we strongly urge the Korean government to consider seriously Korea YMCA’s appeal for decommissioning life-expired nuclear power plants.

The average lifespan of the 143 decommissioned nuclear power plants was only 23 years. The first explosion in Fukushima occurred in the oldest reactor. Running a plant for 30 years, its designed life-span, is never an easy task as it is. Operating it past the expiration date is an act tremendously irresponsible and shortsighted. This poses a grave threat not only to Korea itself but also to the neighbors including Japan and China. Once a nuclear plant accident occurs, its damages to these nations will be irreparable. We cannot let the expired plants jeopardize the lives of the people of Korea and its neighboring countries.

The World Alliance of YMCAs strongly urges the Korean government to pay careful attention to the civil society’s call to decommission Gori Unit 1 and Wolsung Unit 1, and to act on it before too late. As part of northeast Asia, it is Korean government’s responsibility to ensure peace and security in Northeast Asia as well as in the global community by eliminating those potentially disastrous life-expired plants.

The World Council of the YMCAs expresses strong solidarity with, and supports the efforts of Korea YMCA and Korean civil society to decommission the expired nuclear power plants in Korea. May the blessings of God be upon the efforts of Korea YMCA to help make a more peaceful and safe world for all.

July 5th, 2014

Participants of the 18th World Council Meeting the YMCAs

We Protest against Forcible Enactment of War Laws and Demand Their Abrogation

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