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☞ Issue 237
글씨크기 크게 글씨크기 작게 기사 메일전송 기사 출력
An Outcry against the Comprador Professor and Native Informer

Dale Han (2014/11/12 13:48)  

An Outcry against the Comprador Professor and Native Informer
October 31 2014

Dale Han

This is a critique on an article, A Reunified Theory in the Foreign Affairs, written by Professor Moon, CI and rebutted by an ex-USCIA agent/think-tank pundit Sue Mi Terry. And attached is my two-cent thought on Ms. Terry, Sue Mi

Professor Moon is a member of S. Korea’s Presidential Committee for Preparation of Reunification and he appears frequently as a panelist to debate on the issues of S./N. Korean unification. (Moon is a typical Korean intellectual of flunkeyism, as seen during the Japanese colonial occupation after the collapse of the Chosun Dynasty, studied/trained/marinated in the US eventually playing a pedagogical role of keeping the established ideology/mores/institution in safe/secure/conventional mode in order to produce a legion of Sheeple.)

Sue Mi Terry writes articles as an East Asia expert for the research institutes and she is a darling speaker for the second-generation/English-speaking S. Korean students and youngsters. She worked as a USCIA agent detailed in the East Asia, Korea section specifically and referred to the US Media as an expert in dealing with the Korean conflict. (I will explore, dispute, and attempt to downgrade her somewhat overblown/pompous status as a doyenne of experts on Korea in the conclusion. She is nothing but a sycophant native informer to sell her native mask as a specialist on the Korean conflict.)

In the first place, the arguments they presented appear to be controversial/argumentative/combative in many details…but, in fact Moon/Terry opined their theses based fundamentally on the premise and hypothesis that North Korea would collapse eventually/resultantly and S. Korea would gobble up the North in toto.

Both determines that the Korea becomes a reunited/prosperous/market-oriented/neo-colonial country that genuflects on all fours at the Uncle Sam’s discretion.

In other words, if their hypothetical scenarios of the regime collapse would not materialize in the future, their arguments would become no more a kaffeeklatsch version of chitchat between two loyal lapdogs wagging their tails in order to satisfy their feeding hands, for Professor Moon, the ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ spinster Queen of the S. Korea and for Terry, the hegemonic/predatory/imperial Uncle Sam.

Both loves to argue over the timing of the collapse even though no one is cocksure to know when and how…Moon implied that Terry think ‘the North Korea’s collapse is imminent’ and Terry refuted that “I never claimed North Korea’s implosion is imminent”... No intellectuals like to use the words such as ‘imminent’, ‘impregnable’, or ‘unsinkable’, because they want to have an escape route, as if the soothsayers never give out an abracadabra of decisive/final judgement or prediction to their clients.

In the meantime, both are hungrily salivating on the economic bonanza, a.k.a. ‘jackpot theory’ that might be brought through with the South’s control (extortion) of the Northern natural resources…with various caveats that cost the South Korean taxpayers in billions and regional conflicts that pit against the poor Northerners and affluent Southerners. However, Moon and Terry are on the same boat as far as economic largesse may bring to the South when the North is absorbed to the Southern consumer-oriented business environment; Moon, a devouring capitalist wolf/Terry, a smarmy vixen that are enthusiastic about tearing up the bowels of mal-nourished Northerners and offering the trophies on the altar of global economy. (Ms. Terry keeps demanding Uncle Sam to take off gloves to beat up Kim the Third more brutally/harshly until he cries Uncle.)

Both blames other exaggerating/fantasizing the desirability/feasibility of the North’s collapse…Moon has suggested a positive analysis on the reform-oriented economic policies of the North’s young leader, Kim the Third…implying that Kim is taking the new measures in pursuing the policies good for the average workers/farmers in order to strengthen his grip on power and so that the likelihood of the North’s implosion is remote as Terry wished for. Terry, on the other hand, ridiculed Moon’s analysis by claiming that Kim the Third’s reform policies only cater the interests of North’s elites that surround/protect him, not for the average people, and the most plausible scenario would be a “hard-landing”, a North’s collapse by an implosion resulting in South’s absorption of the North’s 25 million of economically/ideologically ‘untouchable’ herd of the Hermit Kingdom.

Both has a different agenda in how to induce/achieve the reunification of the two ideologically/politically/economically antipodean North and South Korea…Moon keeps a hope of some progressive-minded old people in S. Korea and living in abroad(a gradually disappearing/endangered species of the over-the-hill/has-been generation) who still believe/endorse the late President Kim, DJ’s sunshine policy…a long-term strategy of gradual integration between North and South with a help of the Uncle Sam…( It’s extremely bizarre/spooky/mind-boggling and stupidly idiotic/infantile/fraudulent to imagine Uncle Sam helping Koreans to get together/hug and cry/sing hallelujah?)… while Terry laughs at the Sunshine Policy as a grand larceny of hundreds of million dollars that resulted in nothing but for funding the development of North’s nuclear capabilities and crowned DJ KIM, a scam artist (?), with a Nobel laureate at the cost of $500,000,000 tax-payer’s slush fund. Terry, a secret agent woman of cloak and dagger, instead wants to see a more intensive/ratchet-up economic sanction by Uncle Sam to hasten the North’s collapse via people’s uprising…a.k.a. REVOLUTION…just squeeze more tightly the pariah’s testicle pouch until they cry Uncle!

Understandably, both rarely touched the two most important/fundamental factors in the pursuit of N/S reunification endeavors …the North’s Nuclear Capabilities and the no-end-in-sight military occupation of over-half-a-century USFK. (one of the Unification Ministers during President Roh, MH declared that the issue of US military occupation is a non-variable ‘constant’ factor that S. Korea is not in a position to discuss the matter with the North, and he insisted that Kim the Second accepted it as a fait accompli…(I found out it’s an outright false statement while I was on a fact-finding tour to travel the North Korea in 2012…kicking the Yankee butts out of the peninsula was one of the three major assignments/duties for the Northerners.) Obviously, both seems to be scared of contemplating about the mushroom clouds in the peninsula…Moon is pensive and worrisome in fear of the nuclear devastation if the South Korea/US attempt to overthrow the Northern regime by forces, while Terry was too uncomfortable to mention about a nuclear bugaboo but she is sure that the North is destined, one way or another, to follow the path of death as East Germany and other satellite states of Soviet Union that collapsed/joined the consumer states of the global capitalism. Well, I have no doubt in my mind that you are 100 percent sure that the 1950 Korean War was a hiccup or a blip on the screen compared with the one to come in case when the North has no other choice but a Samson’s Option.

Both Moon and Terry hold tight the USFK issue toward their bosom in awe of their master’s invincible/imperial/predatory/all-mighty military power…for them, the USFK is a sacrosanct entity, like an inviolable totem pole that should be saluted by all the South Koreans. Under the LPP (Land Participation Plan) negotiated during President Roh regime (I dubbed him a ‘useful idiot’), the construction of military bases and other infrastructures to accommodate the soldiers/its family members/civilian contractors are in full swing in the Camp Humphrey site and its vicinity of Osan/Songtan Air Bases. The Plan gives Uncle Sam a golden opportunity to expand/build their facilities to last more than over 100 years under the cover of trading old bases in the capital city of Seoul with the vast farmland in the center of the peninsula bulldozing millions of hectares of rich/fertile rice field that has been the main source of food production for the entire Korean people. (Well, S. Koreans need no more working hard in the rice field, but they can buy packs of rice produced in California with the money they earn in auto trade business…and S. Koreans conveniently forget the reality that they can’t eat cars if Uncle Sam places rice in trade embargo.) Even in a layman’s observation, it is absolutely clear that Uncle Sam is not building a row of bivouacs/a town/a village but a metropolitan city for more than 50.000 American residents in an exclusive/extra-territorial zone where no S. Korean sovereignty matters.

The Camp Humphrey is THE SOVEREIGN NATION legally posited in the middle of a quasi-sovereign nation of S. Korea. (I recommend S. Koreans to google US Army video of ‘Welcome to the Camp Humphrey’ or Moon and his ilk, S. Korean progressive idiots take a field trip to the region…would Moon ever wake up from his masturbation fantasy of the reunification dream? For Terry, Sue Mi, I even do not bother to ask for a personal trip, because I assume that she is a dodo who has been besotted with Uncle Sam blindly saluting at her newly adopted national flag, Stars and the Stripes at the Gate of the Camp Humphrey.)

US Soldier’s family members/children are poised to stay/reside in the Garrison for years to come…under the generous cares of moronic/ill-informed S. Korean taxpayers.

Lastly, I found the Terry’s three basic scenarios of North’s collapse appear to be a rehash of the wet-dream reasoning introduced by Bruce W Bennett, the senior researcher/rainmaker at the Rand Corporation…the only difference is her scenarios are more theatrical/audacious/brutal nature than Bennett’s…let’s take a look at it.

Terry’s first scenario of ‘soft landing’ assumes that Kim the Third brings the China’s market system to reform the economic infrastructures and eventually unites with the South: her least likelihood scenario.

Her second scenario of ‘hard landing’ is most plausible to occur…assuming that North implode/collapse and unceremoniously absorbed by the S. Korea with a help (more intensive/inhumane/brutal economic sanction) from the US. (I wonder what more sanctions are there for Uncle Sam may impose on the North…I hope that she is NOT suggesting to send the vials of the Ebola virus to Kim the Third.)

The third scenario is the North’s surrender by the military invasion of S. Korea/US combined forces which Terry determines it’s improbable because of North’s nuclear deterrence power.

Mr. Bennett’s collapse scenario brings in almost similar soft/hard landing cases by Terry, but he places China in a highlighted position to make or break peaceful stability in the region after the North’s demise. As a high-priced doyen of East Asia Study, Mr. Bennett brags about his endless travels (accumulating hundreds of thousands of air miles to claim) to the East Asia sans the Pyongyang-bound tour…and Ms. Terry could not possibly be a doyenne of Korea Study with such a shallow/slight/immature understanding and knowledge on the South Korea plus with the total/absolute lack of on-site experience on the North Korea.

My two-cent thought about Ms. Terry, Sue Mi

I dubbed Ms. Terry, Sue Mi ‘a native informer’ who has been a mesmerized pigeon under the spell of Uncle Sam…she set foot on the honey/dream country, USA, when she was a sweet/naïve/wide-eyed/know-nothing twelve-year-old kid as many other S. Korean youngsters, as if John Yoo (the torture professor at the Berkeley Law School), Cho, SH (the culprit at the Virginia Tech University massacre), or other nameless thousands of the second generation immigrant kids whom they left their native land on a piggyback ride with a scant/erroneous/immature perception and idea about their native Korea and its culture. I even am reluctant to call Ms. Terry a hybrid product of cross-fertilized cultures (like a crossover between ass/horse) between S. Korean and American identity, because she had left her birth country when she hasn’t lived/cultured/educated long enough to be a Korean…the only thing she got from her native S. Korea was genetically acquired mask of a ‘chink’ face. She did neither get much about North Korea stuffs at school except a constant drumbeats of anti-Commie scares…the Red Devils are invading from the North! They are at the door and kill you, kids!...and I guess she got plenty of scare stories at home from her paternal grandparents who took care of her exclusively from her birth years (her grannies were deserters, a.k.a. a pariah class, from the North Korea.)

And now ensconced comfortably under the total care of Uncle Sam, she surely carries/exercises a chockfull of ‘white mind’ and tchotchkes of Disney Land fantasies, especially about the N. Korea, after decades of intensive academic brainwashing in the history of her adopted country, USA, and I guess that she got a great amount of a ‘How-to’ guidance/instruction from her American step-dad…whom I am not privy to know who/what he is and what he was doing in S. Korea in the 70s/80s when S. Korea was under the tight grips of the totalitarian Military-controlled regimes (it’s any Korean’s educated guess that he was in the US Military or on some covert/hanky-panky assignment…and it could be a mouth-watering sort of soap opera genre how Sue Mi’s mother ended up marrying with this older American bozo just a year after her husband (?) conked out of liver cancer and left for Hawaii first and later to the Virginia State following her second husband. (There’s a rumor Sue Mi was born out of wedlock so that she had been under full custody of her grandparents until her departure to America, which is quite a common/routine practice in the Korean standard.)

Ms. Terry appears to be a model immigrant to mainstream her every thought into the culture of “America the Beautiful”, accepting/endorsing all the virtues of “My country, right or wrong” theme, taking up the lifetime blowjobs at the CIA…and she got what she is, a pundit, expert, analyst, talking-head, public speaker, and ultimately assumed a role of a native informer (a sell-out) on her gene pool (tribe). In the S. Korean immigrant community, there is no middle ground between success and failure…you are either a good or bad girl and she became a successful career woman to sell her ‘chink face’ as an authentic signature of Korean ancestry…Americans are more prone to believe in/take as an authentic/legitimate story-teller when a native-looking person speaks for his or her tribal stories.

Ms. Terry got her doctoral degree at the Tufts University in Boston with the dissertation paper in 1998…subject: “Park, Chung Hee’s Korea (1961 – 1979): A Study in Political Leadership and Statecraft.” I believe she got a pass on doctorate hand over fist, because first and foremost, she is a S. Korean-born candidate, even though she did not have a faintest idea how brutally/obnoxiously the corrupt General reigned her people for almost two decades during which she lived as an innocuous/thumb-sucking child…I mean her distinctive ‘Chink’ mask surely has given her an unaccounted-for-credit for a PhD. It’s not difficult to assume what she was talking about the corrupt/satyric General in her dissertation paper…a legion of second-hand Chickenshits, period.

While Moon is in a full-court-press mode at home as a core member of the Presidential Committee in selling the ‘jackpot theory’ of the Korean Reunification for the current President of the General’s daughter to the S. Korean sheeple, Terry would keep shooting lots of chickenshits toward the know-nothing crowd of the young Korean-American bone-heads in order to produce thousands of ‘the native informers’, a carbon copy of Terry, Sue Mi who carries ‘the white mind’ within her trench coat of the Secret Agent.

오호 통재라!
Oy Vey!
What a pity for the South Korean sheeple!
* Author's bio:
Dale Han is a free-lance journalist living in Toronto Canada for four decades since he was exiled from the Military regime of Dictator, Park CH in South Korea in the 70s.
He was born, raised, educated, and worked as a journalist for the mainstream media in the midst of the turbulent era of 6.25/4.19/5.16 revolutionary events.
The turning point in his life has arrived at the workshop in Mass. USA in the 90s when he was tutored by Emeritus Professor Avram Noam Chomsky.
He became a lifetime contrarian, who believes that there is only one way to win a war in Korean peninsula, and that is to avoid it.

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