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☞ Issue 1
글씨크기 크게 글씨크기 작게 기사 메일전송 기사 출력
Peace Picture (1)


Dugsoo Son-Lee (2005/10/01 13:13)  

The roar of the mummy

North and South that became mummy after over a half century!!

Now 70 million Koreans grew out new buds in the icy cold land and underneath dictatorship the flower of democracy is blossomed beautifully to stick the flag of unification in the 2000s.

Aha! mummy which is made in world starts breathing to get up and roars, Aha! Come to South! Come to North! Unification is almost here.!!!

DMZ starts breathing oxygen

Faceless DMZ....Opening windpipe it starts breathing!

First word Hahm Kwang-Bok spoke was..."DMZ is not frontier!!!".

You were twins who have grown up eating at the same mess. Rather, you are inseparable couple, the Altair and the Vega(Gyunoo and Jiknyu)!

Once DMZ was deprived of language and breathe..Now it expresses out love and grievances for South and North.

Look at eloquent flow of peace!

Brothers and Sisters met each other at Gaesung, Couple who embraced each other, Koreans who sang the unification seed was sewed already in the tears with joy and hugs with excitement:::

That seed makes the wave of life-peace-unification

That seed with tears brings the wave of life-peace-unification, the nameplate "One Korea" is displayed.

Country that gives away like flower

On opening the 38th parallel and connecting broken bridges, the roses of Sharon blossom and azaleas bloom. in the beautiful Korean peninsular!

South Women! North Women! South Men! North Men!

Don't ask the past any more

Don't dance with the rhythm of strong and powerful nations

There are no eternal friends or eternal enemies.

Let's go towards beneficial nation, moderate nation and ethical nation..

No to War, YES to Peace
Let's go towards merciful and giving nation as ‘ Asia-Pia ’ (asia-utopia).

Dancing mountains and ocean & peoples in the unified nation

Unified nation will be the nation that all things dance!

Han and Daedong river overflow with each other

Mt. Baekdoo and Hala embracing sun and moon tell towards heaven

Sun and moon is one, North and South is one, and the descendents of Dangun is one.

Pyoungyang and Seoul kiss and hug with great joy saying, Honey! Love!

the jealous' gaze

Those eyeballs which glare at Korean peninsular

From now on No Way!

Let's enjoy the peaceful era without war-violence-hunger as 70 million Koreans become one

For Asian countries by the peaceful and ecological Utopia

The space that readers can write:::

['DMZ' is Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea. DMZ was settled right after the Korean War(1950-53). - Editor's Note]

* The writer was professor at Hyosung Women's University and presently actively involved in women peace movement by leading [the Peace Mothers], a Korean NGO.

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