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Issue 13   (2006/02/09)
Peacemaking 13
Issue 13 news  
Strategic Flexibility of U.S. Forces in Korea
Seoul hangs out a white flag to the U.S.
The content of the joint statement issued after the strategic dialogue is almost unbelievable. It's like a 'document of surrender' to the U.S.   Lee Chul-kee (02/09)
Osama's Reading
Enemies Within
If you thought Ward Churchill was despicable for saying the victims of 9-11 deserved their fates, wait till you get a load of Osama bin Laden's favorite American author, William Blum.   William Blum (02/09)
A New World is Possible
Peace and justice are intimately connected and the world can't have one without the other.   Cindy Sheehan (02/09)
An offensive has been unleashed against imperialism
This century we will bury the North American empire, you can be sure of that.   Chavez (02/09)
“Revise the Peace Constitution, Restore Glory to Empire!”
Ultra-right Takes Initiative in Changing the Postwar State
Japan’s relationships with neighboring countries have deteriorated in the past few years as Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro began to pay official visits to the Shinto Yasukuni shrine...   Muto Ichiyo (02/09)
The sign has been put out front
The Anti-Empire Report
Some things you need to know before the world ends January 9, 2006   William Blum (02/09)
Humanitarian Intervention
Revised version of a speech delivered at the Conference on Globalization, War, and Intervention sponsored by the International Physicians for the Pre...  Walden Bello (02/09)
Not In My Name
Dear God, if god there be/ not in my name/ Peace in my name ...  Justina Williams (02/09)
Okinawa Base Plan for US Forces Boosted by Election
This article appeared in Asia Times, January 24, 2006. This slightly abbreviated version of the original article posted at Japan Focus on January 24,...  Masaki Hisane (02/09)
Asian Solidarity for Human Rights in Nepal
the protestors chanted slogans against the autocratic rule of the king and the violence spread by the Maoists....  관리자 (02/09)
How the us is pushing Iraq into the WTO
This article was first published in the Focus on the Global South report "Destroy and Profit: Wars, Disasters and Corporations"....  Mary Lou Malig (02/09)
U.S.-DPRK Relation
We Protest against Forcible Enactment of War Laws and Demand Their Abrogation

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 The sign has been put out front  William Blum
 Okinawa Base Plan for US Force..  Masaki Hisane
 An offensive has been unleashe..  Chavez


 How the us is pushing Iraq int..  Mary Lou Malig
 Humanitarian Intervention  Walden Bello


 Strategic Flexibility of U.S. ..  Lee Chul-kee

East Asia

 “Revise the Peace Constitutio..  Muto Ichiyo


 Asian Solidarity for Human Rig..  관리자
 A New World is Possible  Cindy Sheehan


 Osama's Reading  William Blum
 Not In My Name  Justina Williams

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