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Issue 101   (2008/03/11)
Peacemaking 101
Issue 101 news  
The 803th Wednesday Demonstration
We demand the Japanese government to thoroughly inquire into the Japanese Military’s Sexual Slavery issue...   관리자 (03/09)
What North Korea Policy Will Lee Pursue?
Excessive emphasis on denuclearization could well lead to disengagement
Lee plans to make human rights a top priority in the government's policy on North Korea.   Leonid Petrov (03/09)
Coping With a Conscience Condemned
Alternatives needed for conscientious objectors in Korea
Buddhists, Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, pacifists, socialists, and gay rights activists have also refused military service...   Michael Solis (03/10)
'38th Parallel' Operates in a Void
'Life in the zone is a very full empty moment'
"38th Parallel," is now a key "exhibit" in a major art exhibition in the prestigious Millennium Galleries in Sheffield,   Peter Hinchliffe (03/09)
PATRIR hosts two trainings
PATRIR and ministry for peace will be hosting two trainings in May 2008 in London....  관리자 (03/09)
Sample Letter to House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Philippines
Japanese government should bear legal responsibility for the wartime crime of military sexual slavery......  관리자 (03/09)
 East Asia
Gyokusai or “Shattering like a Jewel”: Reflection on the Pacific War
This brings us to the Battle of Okinawa, the biggest gyokusai as far as the military clashes to which the term is applied are concerned. ...  Hiroaki Sato (03/09)
U.S.-DPRK Relation
We Protest against Forcible Enactment of War Laws and Demand Their Abrogation

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 What North Korea Policy Will L..  Leonid Petrov

East Asia

 Gyokusai or “Shattering like ..  Hiroaki Sato


 PATRIR hosts two trainings  관리자
 The 803th Wednesday Demonstrat..  관리자
 Sample Letter to House Committ..  관리자
 Coping With a Conscience Conde..  Michael Solis


 '38th Parallel' Operates in a ..  Peter Hinchliffe

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