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Issue 124   (2008/11/16)
Peacemaking 124
Issue 124 news  
Tae Guk Gi and Stars & Stripes (4)
A New Day for Korean Americans
Tae Guk Gi and Stars & Stripes (4)
The moment is ripe for Koreans to begin seeking a larger role on all levels of US politics.   Melissa Hahn (11/15)
The Future of Washington-Pyongyang Relations after Delisting
The U.S. and the DPRK need to continue building mutual confidence through bilateral cooperation and concessions in order to normalize ties between their two countries.   Tae-Hwan Kwak (11/14)
Tamogami's World
Japan's Top Soldier Reignites Conflict Over the Past
Japanese colonial and semi-colonial rule, based on legal treaties, was “very moderate” in nature and beneficial to Koreans, Taiwanese, and Chinese alike.   Herbert Bix (11/14)
The Deterioration of the Inter-Korean Relationship
the North does not want to talk to the South, unless the conservative South Korean government accepts the two summit agreements of June 15, 2000 and October 4, 2007.   Tong Kim (11/14)
Obama: A new beginning? Yes, it is!
The election was over the job as administrator of the dying US Empire, and in T.S. Eliot's words, "This is the way the world ends--Not with a bang bu...  Johan Galtung (11/14)
President Barack Hussein Obama
And America has chosen to elect him president. Thank you, Martin Luther King: "Peace at last. Thank God Almighty. Peace at last." ...  Jonathan Power (11/14)
President-elect Obama and a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
The one I like best is: “A world without nuclear weapons is profoundly in America’s interest and the world’s interest."...  David Krieger (11/14)
Barack Obama's historic victory -and his foreign policy challenges
Barrack Obama’s landslide victory in the United States was without doubt an impressive achievement. ...  Richard Falk (11/14)
U.S.-DPRK Relation
We Protest against Forcible Enactment of War Laws and Demand Their Abrogation

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 Tae Guk Gi and Stars & Stripes..  Melissa Hahn


 The Deterioration of the Inter..  Tong Kim


 The Future of Washington-Pyong..  Tae-Hwan Kwak


 Barack Obama's historic victor..  Richard Falk
 President-elect Obama and a Wo..  David Krieger
 President Barack Hussein Obama  Jonathan Power
 Obama: A new beginning? Yes, i..  Johan Galtung
 Tamogami's World  Herbert Bix

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